I am a warm, engaging Clinical Psychologist. My orientation
is cognitively-based, so therapy sessions are conversational, pragmatic, and focused primarily on the here-and-now. We work on setting therapeutic goals and collaborate on methods to attain them. In addition to my practice, I am active on the faculty at Weill-Cornell Medical College/New York
Presbyterian Hospital.


Anxiety is the body's 'hard-wired' false alarm.  Defusing these alarms by facing dreaded fears is the central ingredient in overcoming shyness, panic attacks, or phobias. The art of treatment is knowing exactly how to fit the plan to the individual, and what procedures will best bring this about.

In established relationships, people come to take each other for granted, which is the root of most other issues. The emphasis is on focusing upon what is or has been wonderful about the relationship, and acting on these strengths. How often are compliments, favors or gifts exchanged? This makes even significant conflict far easier to resolve!

Activating oneself, self-care, exercise, taking pleasure and rediscovering a sense of accomplishment in the "little things" is a first and necessary step toward improvement. Surprisingly, progress becomes smoother once the inertia is overcome.

Diets don't work. Individualized programs with a minimum of restriction and deprivation are motivating. Healthy foods, eaten frequently, and a positive sense of self go a long way. Moreover, bulimia is treatable, through carefully tailored food choices, mood management, and learning to tolerate a sense of being overwhelmingly full.

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